LE MANIGLIE DELL’AMORE – LMDA (“The Love Handles”), is an Italian brand of vegan fashion accessories established by the Austrian artist Margit Platny in 2018.

Every design reveals the artistic feature of Margit’s paintings, with a focus on a contemporary and unique style.

The aim of LMDA is to offer women the option to buy a distinctive aesthetic without compromising on ethical responsibility and environmental sustainability. Each bag is a reflection of the designer’s philosophy. Excluding the use of leather and other animal-derived materials are the artist’s authentic choice and an important statement.

The natural, eco-friendly and very innovative material is the Italian cork leather which grows on the island Sardinia. The excellent quality of embossed cork adds texture and transmits the positive energy of a natural and animal-friendly material.

The contemporary fabric design of LMDA is based on the original artworks of Margit Platny. Therefore, each bag is to be considered a piece of wearable art.
In a creative process very similar to painting is every single detail of the bag lovingly designed.