IN PERFUME WE ART works by Margit Platny

The relationship between humans and nature has always been a profound and meaningful one, since the earliest years of our existence. There is something undeniably magical about observing the vast variety of living creatures that populate planet Earth, with their infinite multitude of colours, sounds, and innate behaviors. In a time characterised by man-made environments, AVERY wishes to remember and celebrate the beauty of life in all its shapes and forms, re-creating mysterious, familiar, and extraordinary animals in the form of high-quality objects to be placed indoors.

AVERY’s scented animals are in perfect synergy with the artworks of Margit Platny, an artist of Austrian descent who moved to the magical region of Tuscany, which will be presented at the new edition of Milan’s Design Week.

A substantial part of Margit Platny’s work is based on her interest in the coexistence and affinity between humans and animals. The artist draws much of her inspiration and energy from these relationships and the emotions associated with them.

Platny’s intention is to question the anthropocentric philosophy and to capture the heart and soul of the animals she paints; she wants to give a voice to the voiceless, introducing viewers into a world where animals speak for themselves about their state and humans’ relationship to it.

Sustainable design is one of the central themes of all projects, exhibitions and events planned for Fuorisalone 2019, which will take place from the 8th to the 14th of April, in Milan.

The AVERY PERFUME GALLERY boutique situated in corso Como, the pulsing heart of Milan’s design district, will host an emotional installation of vegan fashion accessories made of cork and hand-painted by Margit, which will conquer the hearts of visitors, accompanied by an engaging narration and multi-sensory experience.

Fragrances will be the co-protagonists of this installation, adding uniqueness and personification of scent to a context that celebrates beauty, memories, history, art, culture, emotions and humanity. For perfume is not something to be felt lightly: it is an extraordinary feeling.

Every design conveys the artistic features of Margit’s paintings with a contemporary and unique style. The aim of the artist is to offer women the option of buying a distinctive aesthetic item without compromising on ethical responsibility and environmental sustainability. Each bag is a reflection of the designer’s philosophy. Excluding the use of leather and other animal-derived materials is the artist’s authentic choice, as well as an important statement in light of the current threats to our environment.

For her creations, Margit has decided to use cork leather, a natural, eco-friendly and innovative material that grows in the beautiful island of Sardinia. The excellent quality of this embossed cork adds texture, while conveying the positive energy of a natural and animal-friendly material.

Just like perfume, therefore, each bag can be considered as a piece of wearable art.

Each and every detail of these bags is designed lovingly, through a creative process that closely resembles painting. Moreover, all the bags are exquisitely hand crafted in Italy.

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